Like the yokochos of Japan, our Yokocho has cozy alleys full of nightlife, lit by lanterns and lined by small shops – each one a uniquely themed private Karaoke Box only for you and your group of people. Pick your favorite song from a list of 80,000, get a drink at the flip of a switch and go as crazy as you wish with mics in your hand.

An authentic, unforgettable karaoke experience with your friends.

Wednesday 16:30 – 00:00
Thursday 16:30 – 01:00
Friday 16:30 – 02:00
Saturday 14:30 – 02:00
Sunday 14:30 – 21:00



Perfect for 2 (max: 3)

Fugu 🇯🇵


Perfect for 3 (max: 4)



Perfect for 3 (max: 4)


Perfect for 4 (max: 5)



Perfect for 5 (max: 6)



Perfect for 5 (max: 6)



Perfect for 6 (max: 7)



Perfect for 6 (max: 7)



Perfect for 7 (max: 8)

8-bit 🇯🇵


Perfect for 8 (max: 9)



Perfect for 9 (max: 10)

Origami 🇯🇵


Perfect for 10 (max: 11)

Cat Cafe


Perfect for 11 (max: 12)



Perfect for 14 (max: 16)


Perfect for 16 (max: 20)

ビッグニュース! Yokochoでは、新たに各年代のトップヒット曲やアニソンを含む14万曲の楽曲を収録したカラオケシステムを3台を新設❣️❣️



In a Box:

Book one of our 15 private party rooms, called karaoke boxes, for groups of 2-20, and sing your heart out behind our soundproof doors. Each room has its own karaoke system, where you control the playlist, volume and tempo. There’s a service switch when you’re ready for a round of drinks, crunchy snacks, or have any questions about using the system. The boxes are equipped with 2 microphones, a professional sound system, comfy couches, and party lighting to get you dancing. Rooms are booked in two hour increments. For a longer party, book the box back-to-back!


the Bar:

Our open (public) karaoke is modeled after our favorite karaoke bar in Osaka. Sing-along style means no stage: just sing where you are, whether it’s on your bar stool or on the dance floor. We pass around tablets to add songs to the queue, lyrics show up on screens all around the bar, mics find their way to the next singer(s) in the queue and the whole bar provides back-up vocals. It happens 5 days a week around our central bar (see weekly calendar above). No reservations accepted, first come, first served.

„I stayed at a nearby hotel and ended up visiting Yokocho almost every other night during my stay. Lovely staff, fun crowd, overall a good time. It’s nice that there’s an area to stand to sing by the bar but it’s not a stage (so you don’t get stage fright); and you can also just sing from wherever you’re sitting. If I lived here I would absolutely be a regular.“

„Ich war zum ersten mal überhaupt in einer Karaoke Bar und ich bin begeistert. Tolle atmosphäre und freundliche Bedienung. Dadurch das es eine Karaoke Bar ist, sind auch entsprechende lockere und gut gelaunte Gäste in der Bar.

Es ist auch möglich sich eine eigene Box zu reservieren wo man auch mit seinen Freunden ohne weiteres Publikum los legen kann.“

“is this the best Karaoke Bar in the world? Impossible to say, i certainly like to think so.”

„Gehe hier mit Freunden gerne hin und wieder wegen Karaoke hin und schreien dabei unsere Seele aus dem leib. Auch ohne Karaoke box find ich das Ambiente an der Bar selber sehr schön und man kann gerne auch mal einfach nur dort chillen.“

“First karaoke bar in Munich with its own boxes. Here you can finally perform, sing and have fun in a wonderfully private way with a small or larger circle of friends. Very large selection of songs, boxes designed with a lot of love and a great atmosphere in the bar. Again and again!”

„Unser letzter Programmpunkt des JGAS meiner besten Freundin war hier. Und es war der Höhepunkt eines schönen Tages. Wir waren zuerst in einem extra privaten Raum, dann später im allgemeinen Bereich. Mega Stimmung, super freundliches Personal, ich würde es jedem empfehlen hierher zu kommen! Man muss nicht zwingend auf Karaoke stehen um es dort gut zu finden!“

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Planning a team event?

There’s no team bonding quite like karaoke. See your coworkers in a whole new light after you watch them pour their heart into their rendition of Baby Got Back. We host teams of 2-100+, in our karaoke boxes and/or the central bar area. Coming soon, bigger boxes for bigger parties! See details on our Groups page, and reach out for additional planning.