Cat Cafe


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Perfect for 11 (max: 12)

Can’t have a cat but would like to visit one? Our house cat, Whim, is watching from all the walls, his yellow eyes judging your song selection while he sips his coffee. Nickelback? Really? (Don’t worry, the room is soundproof. What you sing in the box stays in the box.)

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Karaoke Boxes: Know Before You Go!

  • 2 microphones per box
  • In-Box-Service – each karaoke box has a service button to order drinks, snacks, or ask for assistance. All orders will go on a tab to be paid at the end of your session. Paying together and not splitting the check is always appreciated.
  • In-Box-Only Menu – including beer buckets, bottle service and bar carts. Add a bar cart of your choice to your reservation during the booking process and we’ll have booze, mixers, glasses, ice, garnishes and crunchy snacks waiting for you in your box. It saves money, it saves time, and everybody loves a bar cart. Of course, you can also order them during your party.

How to Karaoke

    • Add songs to the queue using the iPad.
    • Search the catalog by artist, title, genre or language.
    • Adjust music volume, tempo, and pitch from the iPad.
    • For microphone volume adjustment, hit the service switch.
    • Preview the song catalog at
    • Our karaoke system is closed. You cannot attach your own device. Don’t mess with the tech please!

Know the NOs

    • No outside food or drink (one exception: birthday cake!)
    • No confetti, confetti balloons, or glitter
    • No smoking or vaping
    • No standing or dancing on the furniture
    • No mic drops
    • Security camera footage will only be reviewed in case of damages and billed to the registered guest.